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 FACT: The COST of GPS Tracking Service has came DOWN Every Year since it was first made available to the Public

FACT: Most GPS Tracking Companies want to Lock you in a 3 Year Contract so they can ensure you Pay Today's Rate, Tomorrow!

FACT: Fleet Control Was Founded on a different set of principles, We want your company to have all the benefits of GPS Tracking and Fleet management, with Less upfront Equipment Cost's, Lower Monthly Fee's, and best of all NO Contract's, We don't want to force you to love our Fleet Management and GPS Tracking Software and Equipment by making you Sign on the Dotted Line, We want to make you love our commitment to 100% Customer Satisfaction and our Desire to See your Company Become More Profitable by using our Real-Time GPS Tracking and Fleet Management Products.


View Real-Time Data about all your Fleet Vehicles on one screen at the Same Time. 1 minute constant updates for continuous Real Time Monitoring and Tracking of your Fleet Vehicles.


Locate any Fleet vehicle 24-7, even in between Real-Time Continuous Updates if needed. View Real-Time Speed Data about all Vehicles in your Fleet at the same time, on one Screen.

With Fleet Controls Fleet GPS Tracking Dispatch Capabilities you can Improve Customer Service by Locating the closest Fleet Vehicle to the job, and getting them in route quickly to their next destination.

In the Event that one of your Fleet Vehicles is ever stolen, we can know instantly where the vehicle is and work with local Law Enforcement to aide in the recovery process, Quickly and efficiently. May also qualify for discount on Fleet Insurance Costs.


Fleet Control Offers Real-Time Fleet GPS Tracking and Fleet Management Devices without the 3 Year Contract. Dont Get Stuck Paying Today's Price, Tomorrow. Fleet Control, Lower Prices, Lower Monthly Fee's and None of the Hassle.


A Fleet Vehicle Idling is always a good sign of wasted money, Not only is there extra fuel useage and Fleet Vehicle Wear and Tear, But That also Means they are not Somewhere they could be.  Customer Satisfaction is the Goal, Fleet Control

Unlock or Lock the Fleet Vehicle doors with your Computer or Smart Phone, Great for When Employees Lock the Keys in the Fleet Vehicle. Unlock Fleet Vehicles From Office without Calling Locksmith or meeting with extra key

Receive Instant Alerts for Alarm Violations, Speed Alerts, Aggressive Driving, Late and Early Arrival, and Unauthorized Vehicle Movements. Rest Easy Knowing Every Fleet Vehicle Move is Being Captured and Recorded in History

Disable Fleet Vehicles to eliminate off hour Fleet Vehicle Useage, Can be set on one, several, or all Fleet Vehicles. Can be set automatically or manually

Many Different User Programmable Alerts like Excessive Speeding, Stop Duration, Late Arrival, Low Battery Voltage, Excessive Idling, Receive instant alerts via text message or email


Most GPS Tracking Companies want to charge you as much as $24.95 per vehicle just to activate their Fleet GPS Tracking Devices. Fleet Control Never Charges any Activation Fee or ANY Hidden Fee's for any GPS Device Ever! Fleet Control Has the Lowest Monthly Fee's of any Fleet GPS Tracking Company Too!


Fleet Control offers Instllation of all Fleet GPS Tracking and Fleet management Equipment that we Sell. We also have Install Cards that are good for the professional installation of any of our devices. Install Cards Can be used virtually anywhere Electronics are sold and Installed


Fleet Control Has Many Different GPS Fleet Tracking Devices, Including many Devices that have no monthly fee's at all. We will asses your GPS Fleet Tracking Needs and Determine the Best GPS Device for your Company.

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Fleet Control GPS Fleet Management and GPS Tracking Devices


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Benefits of GPS Tracking and Fleet Management

Fleet Control GPS USA, a GPS Tracking Company

Fleet Management by GPS






A Fleet Driver That Knows they have a Fleet Control GPS Tracking Device on their Fleet Vehicle will, Drive at a Safer Speed, Keep a Safer Distance, and Increase Fleet Driver Responsibility


In most business Cusomer service is your #1 priority. Reach your Customers Faster and Ensure the Job is done in a timely manor. with Fleet Control GPS, Take Back control of your Fleet and reach more customers in less time


With less wasted hours and less Fleet Vehicle Idling, you will see an immediate decrease on your Fleet Fuel Costs and Increase the Number of customers you Reach with Less Man Hours 

In the Event that one of your Fleet Vehicles is ever stolen, we can know instantly where the vehicle is and work with local Law Enforcement to aide in the recovery process, Quickly and efficiently. May also qualify for discount on Fleet Insurance Costs.


A Fleet That is ran with Fleet Control GPS Tracking will Enjoy More Successful Completed Jobs in a day, Less Overtime and Wasted Man Hours, Less Fuel Costs, and less wasted Money. A Combination that will lead to an Immediate Increase in your Bottom Line.


Set Zones around known driving locations,  when Fleet vehicle enters or leaves location it will notify you instantly based on your settings via text or email. Perfect for the few employees that you really have to keep watch on

Unlock any Fleet vehicles doors with your Computer or Smart Phone, eliminates Lock outs and unwanted Locksmith bills


Eliminate wasted overtime and wasted labor hours on employees that will milk the clock.

Fleet Control GPS USA Locations Nationwide

Fleet GPS Alabama Ala. AL Montgomery, Fleet GPS Alaska AK Juneau, Fleet GPS Arizona Ariz. AZ Phoenix, Fleet GPS Arkansas Ark. AR Little Rock, Fleet GPS California Calif. CA Sacramento, Fleet GPS Colorado Colo. CO Denver, Fleet GPS Connecticut Conn. CT Hartford, Fleet GPS Delaware Del. DE Dover, Fleet GPS Florida Fla. FL Tallahassee, Fleet GPS Georgia Ga. GA Atlanta, Fleet GPS Hawaii HI Honolulu, Fleet GPS Idaho ID Boise, Fleet GPS Illinois Ill. IL Springfield, Fleet Control GPS Indiana Ind. IN Indianapolis , Fleet GPS Iowa IA Des Moines, Fleet GPS Kansas Kans. KS Topeka, Fleet GPS Kentucky KY Frankfort, Fleet Control GPS Louisiana LA Baton Rouge, Fleet GPS Maine ME Augusta, Fleet GPS Maryland MD Annapolis, Fleet GPS Massachusetts Mass. MA Boston, Fleet GPS Michigan Mich. MI Lansing, Fleet GPS Minnesota Minn. MN St. Paul, Fleet GPS Mississippi Miss. MS Jackson, Fleet GPS Missouri MO Jefferson City, Fleet GPS Montana Mont. MT Helena, Fleet GPS Nebraska Nebr. NE Lincoln, Fleet Control GPS Nevada Nev. NV Carson City, Fleet GPS New Hampshire N.H. NH Concord, Fleet Control GPS New Jersey N.J. NJ Trenton, Fleet GPS New Mexico N.M. NM Santa Fe, Fleet GPS New York N.Y. NY Albany, Fleet GPS North Carolina N.C. NC Raleigh, Fleet GPS North Dakota N.D. ND Bismarck, Fleet Control GPS Ohio OH Columbus, Fleet Control GPS Oklahoma Okla. OK Oklahoma City, Fleet GPS Oregon Ore. OR Salem, Fleet Control GPS Pennsylvania PA Harrisburg, Fleet GPS Rhode Island R.I. RI Providence, Fleet GPS South Carolina S.C. SC Columbia, Fleet GPS South Dakota S.D. SD Pierre, Fleet Control GPS Tennessee Tenn. TN Nashville, Fleet GPS Texas Tex. TX Austin, Fleet Control GPS Utah UT Salt Lake City, Fleet Control GPS Vermont VT Montpelier, Fleet GPS Virginia VA Richmond, Fleet GPS Washington Wash. WA Olympia, Fleet GPS West Virginia W.Va. WV Charleston, Fleet GPS Wisconsin Wis. WI Madison, Fleet GPS Wyoming Wyo. WY Cheyenne. You Can Reach any Fleet GPS USA Location by calling Toll Free (855) TRACK-GPS

Customer Testimonials

"Fleet Control has made keeping up with our Fleet Vehicles a Snap with Real-Time GPS Fleet Tracking, I am Actually able to do my job without worrying whether an employee is doing their job and Our Customers are Being Taken care of like they are supposed to be . I can see all of my Fleet Vehicles on the same page at the same time and see who is where they ar supposed to be and who is driving safely and who isnt. Thank you Fleet Control for Putting the Control Back in Our hands."        Flint Gibbons, Fleet Manager, Orthoscape LLC

"I like being able to disable all our fleet vehicles during off hours, it completely eliminates off hour vehicle use and prevented several vehicles from being stolen by attempted theives. We have had many problems with Employees using our Fleet Vehicles During Off Hours and Even had one Employee Wreck a Fleet vehicle. Fleet Control has Made it easy to Monitor all our Fleet vehicles efficiently and Productively with Real-Time GPS Fleet Tracking. Thanks again Fleet Control for all your help."       Sharky, Fleet Owner and Manager, Al c's Pest Control & Exterminating

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