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Customer Testimonials

"Fleet Control has made keeping up with our Fleet Vehicles a Snap with Real-Time GPS Fleet Tracking, I am Actually able to do my job without worrying whether an employee is doing their job and Our Customers are Being Taken care of like they are supposed to be . I can see all of my Fleet Vehicles on the same page at the same time and see who is where they ar supposed to be and who is driving safely and who isnt. Thank you Fleet Control for Putting the Control Back in Our hands."        Flint Gibbons, Fleet Manager, Orthoscape LLC

"I like being able to disable all our fleet vehicles during off hours, it completely eliminates off hour vehicle use and prevented several vehicles from being stolen by attempted theives. We have had many problems with Employees using our Fleet Vehicles During Off Hours and Even had one Employee Wreck a Fleet vehicle. Fleet Control has Made it easy to Monitor all our Fleet vehicles efficiently and Productively with Real-Time GPS Fleet Tracking. Thanks again Fleet Control for all your help."       Sharky, Fleet Owner and Manager, Al c's Pest Control & Exterminating

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